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GNSS Receivers Supporting All Functions of QZSS including LEX Signal

The world's first GNSS receiver supporting all functions of QZSS including LEX signal provides high precision positioning services in urban canyon. It helps the next generation solutions not only for surveying and observations but also for wide range of applications in various industries leveraging Japan's unique satellite positioning services of QZ for better position accuracy and availability.

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GNSS+IMU Hybrid Sensor for ADAS and Autonomous Driving Car R&D and QA

GNSS+IMU Hybrid Sensor provides high precision attitude and positioning data for R&D and QA for ADAS and Autonomous Driving Technology including V2V and V2P communications, Automatic brake, Automatic handling and other advanced function to protect safety of drivers, fellow passengers, pedestrian, bicycle riders, automobile riders, and other vehicles .

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RF Recorder and Player for various applications including ADAS and Digital Broadcasting

RF Recorder and Player helps R&D and QA process for wide range of products and services including the 8K TV broadcasting services, DAV radio, Broadcasting service planning, ADAS, Autonomous Driving and RF monitoring. It captures real RF signals with 100MHz wide frequency band and 16 bit high resolution anywhere in the world on mobility and transmit them in R&D and QA laboratory.

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IMES provides 3D positioning information including floor numbers indoors

Increasing number of models of Smartphones and Tablet PCs is supporting IMES for seamless positioning for both indoors and outdoors worldwide. IMES is an integrated part of GNSS global standard as its specification is published as QZSS-IS. It helps workflow optimization at hospitals and promotion of shopping centers with location based services in Japan.