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GNSS Technologies, Inc.GNSS Technologies, Inc.

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Hideyuki Torimoto


Our company was established as a specialized for satellite positioning technology in Aug. 2002.Our members have a long experience to lead new business in Japan. It originally started sea navigation in mid.1980 by the president. Thereafter GPS based car navigation, precision survey, DGPS/RTK correction service, pseudolite, academic R&D for volcano, earthquake etc. until late 1990 and Timing market in communication network in early 2000.
We will take next step for IT business market through the world communication network. The key word is ”3D-SEAMLESS POSITIONING BY NORMAL GNSS RECIEVER”. These markets rapidly grow in a global scale and its personal unit like smartphone expects to fulfill the same volume with world population very soon. On the other hand world major countries like China, India, EU, Russia and Japan have plan for construction of global satellite positioning system in late 2010.
Since GPS became an operational in mid. 1990, people tried to develop many applications but the most of them had to give up because GPS is not capable of indoor positioning. This is the reason why we have researched to achieve ” SEAMLESS POSITIONING by GNSS receiver”. In 2012, we completed the epoch making invention that is called IMES (= Indoor messaging system or indoor measuring system) by normal GNSS receiver.
IMES can perform A PERFECT THREE DIMENTIONAL INDOOR NAVIGATION BY NORMAL GNSS RECEIVERS. Its PRN codes were certified by US Government We completed LSI for IMES TX that makes the cost down to earth. We also provide total solutions products for commercial use such as SET UP SOFTWARE, DATA MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE and COORDINATE GENERATOR with PROPAGATION SIMULATION SYSTEM for installation works by company.
GNSS Technologies Inc.
Hideyuki Torimoto, President